The anti-advertising agency

The advertising messages keep bombarding us. Over 3,000 a day. The mind short circuits with the information overload.

Enter the anti-advertising agency.

At the anti-advertising agency, the consumer is the client.

She or he is sick and tired of the marketing noise. She or he wants out. Silence.
She or he briefs the agency.

Get my name off all the telemarketing and mailing lists.

Program my TV in such away that I see channels with a minimum of TV commercials interrupting the show.
Ditto with radio stations.

Make me a road map with the least amount of billboards.

Subscribe me to newspapers and magazines that contain the least amount of ads without compromising on editorial value.

Show me sites that don’t have a zillion banners, and search engines with a dozen text ads stealthily mixed in with the search results in a corner.

The anti-advertising agency folks go about creating an ad free zone for the client.

No more marketing communication smog.

What will be this anti-advertising agency’s name?

Sounds of Silence?

© Sunil Shibad, 2006.




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