Sydney is Australia’s biggest city. Which means there is plenty of work and plenty of things to do. As far as international cities go – Sydney has to be one of the best. The night life is diverse, the restaurants plentiful, the shopping is good, there is a vibrant arts culture for young and old, the beaches are just outstanding and you can always find a bargain.  Like all big cities – the downside to Sydney is it is a big city. For some people this will be a turn-on and for others a turn-off. Time for travel across town can be long and arduous. So people tend to try and live near their work and socialize in their local areas – except in summer where everyone seems to want to drive and park in Bondi on the weekends. But the great thing about this place is the beaches and National Parks that surround the city are all reachable within an hour or so . This means you can enjoy the sophistication that the city provides and still get away from it all and bask in nature whenever you like.