Working in Oz


The Australian economy has been growing steadily since the early 1990’s. Unemployment has gradually fallen from around 10% to current levels around 5%. Employment growth has been steady at around 2% per year in during this time. The economy was sustained through the Global Financial Crisis by a series of large mining and resources projects.

Even though mining is considered a major reason for Australia’s success – in fact it represents only 11% of GDP and employs only 2% of workers . Like most ‘Western’ countries, Australia has an ageing population which means there is a huge demand for health workers. Doctors, nurses and every other kind of health specialist will find getting work relatively easy and this is the biggest employer overall.


Industry Guide

There are certain locations and industries areas where finding a job in Australia will be very easy.   And some where it will difficult. The chart shows the biggest employing sectors in Australia’s economy. As you can see 11% of total jobs are in the health care sector. But if you have skills or experience in the construction industry, engineering, science and education you will also find there are jobs for you in Australia.


Industry Sector (% of total workers in Australia)