GlobalWebindex Study for 2013: 9 social media facts and figures

Social networks are embedded in our lives. To put that in some perspective it is worthwhile from time to time to see what the social media landscape looks like and review the latest social media facts, figures and statistics. The latest GlobalWebindex Study for 2013 shows that social networks are not all about English speaking media. Large

Use YouTube Videos to Turbocharge Your Marketing

Now is the perfect time to make a customized video that plays on your website. Most computer users now have broadband, so using video in your marketing isn’t the issue that it was a year or two ago. YouTube is currently the world’s second most popular search engine and the number one site to watch

Enjoy the Freedom of Smoking with Elektro – The Electronic Cigarette

 Client: Elektro USAAgency: Jake Can DoScript: Jitendra Sheth (Jake)Creative Director: Jitendra Sheth (Jake)

Philips: Parallel Lines

‘Parallel Lines’, is part of a new, global campaign to promote the unique cinematic viewing experience offered by Philips’ range of TVs and is a follow up to the internationally acclaimed and award winning Carousel short film developed for the launch of the Philips Cinema 21:9 TV. For the project, Philips selected a single unifying

Play the piano on YouTube’s interactive video

  Hit the play button, wait until the video loads in your browser and then click any of the piano keys inside the YouTube video itself to play some music.You got to click inside the video as shown in the following animation. The annotations will appear only when the video has finished loading.Simply brilliant.  

Consumers say, “Catch us if you can”. Coke and Pepsi give chase.

I really appreciated the fantastic feedback on this week’s post about The Death of Corporate Websites. Lo and behold, last night I spy a quote (thanks, Frank Reed) from Anne Carelli, Digital Marketing Manager for Coke saying: “Several years ago, Coke realized that is not their home page – it is, and

If You Want Go Viral Get Out of the Way

The great folks at Mashable posted this engaging viral video yesterday, rightly arguing that VW had hit the bulls-eye when creating this viral campaign. It not only confirmed their theory that making the world more fun can improve people’s behavior, it also demonstrated a fact that is easily forgotten as we over-think marketing and new

Volunteering and activism on YouTube

Activism today isn’t limited to picket lines and marches on the mall — people have taken their movements to the web, and YouTube has become an important platform for exposure. Every day, people use YouTube to fight for causes, whether they’re hunger-striking celebrities like Mia Farrow for Darfur: Or a 9-year-old kid in Pittsburgh, who used

Endeavour astronauts answer your questions from space

Because the space shuttle Endeavour launched into space last week, NASA Astronaut Mark Polansky and the STS-127 crew aboard invited people to ask them questions about space exploration. Videos came in from all around the world, and many of the questions came from kids, curious to learn more about what it’s actually like in space.

Nike’s LeBron James social media fiasco

  Apparently Nike has not been briefed on the Streisand Effect.To quote the bastion of internet memes that is Wikipedia: “The Streisand effect is an internet phenomenon where an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be widely publicized.”The term was coined in 2003, when singer Barbara Streisand

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