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Vytautas versus Power Thirst

In this weird ad for Lithuanian  Vytautas water mineral water, Stephen Hawking curses,  bunnies get creepy and sheep hang out with teenagers in a hot tub. A reader wrote HuffPost Food, alerting us to similar ads created in 2007 by the Canadian comedy group, picnicface. 

Enjoy the Freedom of Smoking with Elektro – The Electronic Cigarette

 Client: Elektro USAAgency: Jake Can DoScript: Jitendra Sheth (Jake)Creative Director: Jitendra Sheth (Jake)

BMW: Dinner for RR

Like that trick where you pull the table cloth out from under the dishes? Then you’ll love this viral video from BMW that makes you believe its “zero to 100km/h (62 mph) in just 2.9 seconds” claim.

Celebrity to go: Personal-ilty apps that take us all to market

  Image credit: Brian Solis on iTunes Just before the holiday break, Brian Solis, the highly respected PR strategist moved the blogosphere one step forward yet again. By launching his own app, he not only gave himself a powerful tool through which to interact with his community, but he also kicked off a trend that

Sony promotes Bravia TV by smashing a PS3 into it

A video in which a PS3 Slim gets smashed into a Sony Bravia LCD TV at 50 mph (22 meters per second)? Yes. It’s part of a promotion during which Sony Australia is giving away 25,000 PS3 slims for buyers of selected Bravia LCD TV models. A couple of blogs were invited for the event,

If You Want Go Viral Get Out of the Way

The great folks at Mashable posted this engaging viral video yesterday, rightly arguing that VW had hit the bulls-eye when creating this viral campaign. It not only confirmed their theory that making the world more fun can improve people’s behavior, it also demonstrated a fact that is easily forgotten as we over-think marketing and new

Pomegranate:The mobile phone with GPS, projector, coffee brewer, shaver and harmonica

  Some may call it unrealistic: an ultra-thin, touch-screen cellphone with e-mail, Web browsing, GPS, a camera and a video projector. Throw in a coffee brewer, shaver and harmonica, and you have thePomegranate NS08phone. The far-fetched concept isn’t the brainchild of any cellphone manufacturers, nor a farce from recent mobile entrant Google — a company

Microsoft takes of with giant slide ad

The category of obviously-fake-but-funny-anyway stunt videos has another proud member in this Microsoft clip from Germany, showing a guy catching major air while launching himself down a water slide and off a big ramp. The people pouring the water down the slide at the beginning are a nice touch. In the more specific category of

Air New Zealand’s nude flight safety video

Recently, Air New Zealand released a new flight safety video for their Boeing 737’s called “The Bare Essentials of Safety, that features some of their employees giving demonstrations in the nude. However, their bodies are covered in paint that look like air crew uniforms. As if their Kiwi accents weren’t enough to make us love

Case Study: The Dark Knight: Why So Serious?

This video is The Dark Knight Viral “Why So Serious?” Case Study. The “Why So Serious?” campaign won the Cannes 2009 Cyber Grand Prix in the viral category. It was a huge worldwide success, with over 10 million unique players participating. Amazing! The Indian version: Instead of pissing off a whole culture with an Indian

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