GlobalWebindex Study for 2013: 9 social media facts and figures

Social networks are embedded in our lives. To put that in some perspective it is worthwhile from time to time to see what the social media landscape looks like and review the latest social media facts, figures and statistics. The latest GlobalWebindex Study for 2013 shows that social networks are not all about English speaking media. Large

How to Keep Your Tweets Short and Sweet

Writing Effective Tweets in 100 Characters How long is the perfect Tweet? You only have 140 characters to play with and if you’re adding a URL, hash tags, @s or a request for a retweet, you don’t have much space left. According to a recent whitepaper by Buddy Media entitled ‘Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review’, less

Scrabble Trickster : Play TwitterScrabble

To promote its latest game, Scrabble Trickster, the iconic word game and its ad agency Duval Guillaume Modem, createdTwitterScrabble. Participants are challenged to log in with Twitter and write the highest scoring ‘Scrabbletweet’ in 100 random characters. Every day, the highest scorer wins a Scrabble Trickster game. (via Creativity.)

Coworking Space, Self Promotion & Twitter Marketing

Breaking Down Doors: Promoting Yourself To Dream Clients There’s a saying that the School of Visual Arts in New York City once used in its ads: “To be good is not enough when you dream of being great.” We all have dream clients that we would like to add to our portfolio, but either we

Everything you wanted to know about social media, Twitter, blogs, wikis, RSS and podcasting in plain English

Social Media In Plain English Social Networking In Plain English Twitter In Plain English Twitter Search In Plain English RSS In Plain English Social Bookmarking In Plain English Blogs In Plain English Podcasting In Plain English Web Search Strategies In Plain English The World Wide Web In Plain English  

Twitter in real life

A witty take on microblogging service, Twitter.

50 ideas on using Twitter for business

First Steps Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space. (Listening always comes first.) Add a picture. ( Shel reminds us of this.) We want to see you. Talk to people about THEIR interests, too. I know this doesn’t sell

The 27 varieties of tweets used by retailers

You can use Twitter simply to promote products (best seen via the Twitter account operated by one-product a day business Woot), and to extend and improve the customer service channel. But what else is there? You’d be surprised at the sheer variety of tweets used by retailers. Some of these are covered under the broad

Twitter games in real time

Crack The Code: explore words, tweets and websites that are presented as a series of clues to help you unmask a secret code. The code can be numeric, alphanumeric, a word or a phrase. Examine the periodically-tweeted clues as they reveal parts of the mystery. Be the first to reply with the correct code to

Seeing through other’s eyes: Social media and compassion

There’s no doubt social media makes the world smaller – friends and family across the country and around the globe are only a click away. There’s also no doubt that as frontrunners like twitter and facebook monetize their business plans, social media will prove to be a goldmine for those left standing. What is often

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