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Mercedes Benz : Chicken

Mercedes Benz has launched “Chicken”, a brilliant TV commercial featuring Rhode Island Red chickens dancing to the sounds of “Upside Down” by the legendary Diana Ross. What makes this TV spot memorable is the Riverdance effect. While the chickens’ bodies move to the groove, their heads remain steady throughout Mercedes brings the tie-in, stability at

Lenovo Yoga 11S : The Silhouettes

It’s safe to say that Lenovo’s advertising  campaign for its Yoga 11S is unlike any other for a PC-type device. The only product feature touted in the ad is its ability to switch from laptop to tablet. That feature is demonstrated in silhouette as members of a dance troupe — called The Silhouettes, obviously  – morph their

Heineken | Crack the Case

10 Ads That Killed Dubstep

How marketing co-opted yet another musical genre that used to be cool By David Griner Kmart: Back to School (2012) Track: “Phunkshock” by Matroda Is this the death knell of dubstep? This is actually one of the better dubstep tracks used in ads. But it’s hard to believe there can still be anything hip or underground about

Adidas Adizero gets inside mind of the opponent

Having done a bit of competitive running back in the day, we know the importance of light footwear. But at a certain point, how much does it really matter? After all, shoes just aren’t all that heavy when compared to the foot and the muscle to which they are attached. Especially the foot and muscles

The Guardian : Three Little Pigs

  Earlier this month,  The Guardian unveiled a TV spot that explores how a modern paper might cover “Three Little Pigs.”  It re-imagines the classic fairytale as a much grittier drama, where the pigs are either the victims or conniving fraudsters – or both.  Brilliant. ( via Creativity )

David Lynch : We Care About New York

“We Care About New York” is a menacing 1991 anti-littering public service announcement by David Lynch, in which littering is linked to the specter of rat infestation.


BMW’s groundbreaking “The Hire” was a series of eight  short films (averaging about ten minutes each) was produced by Fallon Worldwide for the Internet in 2001 and 2002. All eight short  films featured Hollywood A-List  directors  and actors.The plots of each of the films differ, but one constant remains: Clive Owen  plays “The Driver”, a

Best TV Commercial ever!!! Smart and funny!!!

A beautiful TV Commercial CM you must see it! Enjoy it!!! The music of this video is “you and me” by the Wannadies. Great Song!!!

The state of broadcast television

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