Grandpa Elliott’s “Sugar Sweet”

‘America’s Got Talent’: Tallan Nobel Latz’s performance

Tallan Nobel LatzA 9-year-old who plays blues guitar? Sounds like perfect fodder for a talent show. With an interest in “rocky blues,” this little soul man wows the audience with his technical prowess. As host Nick Cannon exclaims, “Tallan got talent!” The boy has class, too — he says he’d like to win the prize

Keeping talent happy

So Pete sent this post from Keeping Talent Happy.“As I tell folks on our team, there are three types of people in the world:People who make stuff.People who sell stuff.People who support the first two groups of people.That’s really it… I’m a servant to my people. I am here to serve (as a wise, wise


Under the able stewardship of Jitendra Sheth popularly known as Jake, Cosmos has clocked over 40 national & international awards in various categories. Cosmos came out a clear winner at the Ad Club awards and was adjudged the 4th most creative agency, and carried away a number of trophies.


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