Super Bowl

Budweiser: Rock, paper, scissors

Two guys turn to the classic game to decide who gets the last Bud Light.  

Snickers: Kiss

There’s nothing more sensual than sharing a sweet, delicious Snickers with your best friend.  

The 3 most liked Super Bowl ads

1. DoritosMan driving car opens bag of chips; sees woman walking; Spicy; he smiles at her; Cheesy; then crashes his car; Crunchy; woman runs into his car. 2. BlockbusterRabbit and guinea pig try clicking and dragging a mouse to get online; movies through the mail/store; we forgot to plug it in. 3. Coca-ColaMan drives through

10 most memorable Super Bowl TV commercials

10. Pepsi Truck9. Anheuser Busch Army Tribute8. Reebok Terry Tate7. FedEx “Stick”6. Bud Light Hitch Hiker5. EDS Running With Squirrels4. Monster When I Grow Up3. Budweiser Frogs2. Coca Cola Mean Joe Green1. Apple 1984  

IAG 2008 Super Bowl Top 10 most recalled spots

1. FedEx: Carrier Pigeons  Carrier Pigeons – FedEx 2. Budweiser: Dalmatian  Clydesdale Training – Budweiser 3. E*Trade: So Easy  So Easy – E*TRADE 4. Doritos: Mouse Trap  Mouse Trap – Doritos 5. Bud Light: Breath of Fire  Breath of Fire – Bud Light 6. Bud Light: Wine and Cheese Party  Wine and Cheese Party –


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