Second Life

Suzanne Vega: Live In Second Life

After some technical trouble getting her avatar to play the guitar (an audience member offers his), Suzanne Vega presents through her alter ego a rendition of her classic otherworldly fable, The Queen And The Solider, to an audience in the online world of Second Life.

5 tips for marketing in virtual worlds

Navigating through virtual worlds can be tricky. Thankfully, we have five recommendations from marketing and virtual guru Wayne Porter for those interested in getting into this space:#1. It’s extremely important to understand the fabric of the 3D virtual space (also called “metaverse”) before jumping in. Marketers should spend significant time using an avatar, participating in

Branding and PR in Second Life

There are many ways to create a presence for your brand. Two interesting ones in Second Life:Vodafone’s “Water Cooler”. Rather than push Vodafone’s business or products, this setting engages residents to interact with each other and the puzzles and activities provided by the “water cooler” -to simulate the engaged conversations that happen in RL around


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