David Lynch : We Care About New York

“We Care About New York” is a menacing 1991 anti-littering public service announcement by David Lynch, in which littering is linked to the specter of rat infestation.

British Army: Start Thinking Soldier

The Start Thinking Soldier campaign by the British Army provides a virtual experience to let people attempt war time decision making in real time. The website provides a full video experience where you are involved in special missions, then at critical stages the commander turns to you and asks “What would you do?”. Thinking on

Give a Facebook page to someone you love

According to a recent article in Inside Facebook, Facebook is the #3 destination for people over 65. You first reaction may be, on my God, the Geritol set is getting into Facebook! Your second reaction may be, I’ve to get those pictures off of my profile! Followed by several other paranoid thoughts. Or you may


Swedish Armed Forces: What does it take to be a Swedish Army officer?

Do you have what it takes to be a Swedish Army officer? I wish I could do a series like these simple, intelligent and engaging TV commercials for the Indian Army.

I’d like to ask for Sinead’s hand in marriage

A public service TV commercial that pulls on your heart strings across without getting excessively maudlin. Simply brilliant. – Sunil Shibad  

Actor in Swine Flu awareness ad is down with Swine Flu

In a bizarre twist, the actor from a popular UK public service announcement about how to avoid Swine Flu has been diagnosed with Swine Flu. In the advertisement from the U.K. Department of Health, actor David McCusker first sneezes the “wrong” way in an elevator, spraying mucus everywhere, then sneezes the “right” way — into

James Dean on safe driving

When it first released Rebel Without A Cause, Warner Brothers was concerned that kids would ape James Dean’s character and wind up driving off cliffs. (A problem, of course, because the kids’ relatives would likely sue the company.)To distance themselves from copycat incidents preemptively, Warner Brothers had Dean film this public service announcement urging kids

Save water, pee in the shower

Peeing in the shower is shameful no more. In fact, it’s encouraged and even celebrated in this colorful, animated PSA from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Brazil. The “Xixi no banho” (“Pee in the bath”) campaign is all about water conservation. Brazil hopes its multitasking citizens will save thousands of liters of water a year

Volunteering and activism on YouTube

Activism today isn’t limited to picket lines and marches on the mall — people have taken their movements to the web, and YouTube has become an important platform for exposure. Every day, people use YouTube to fight for causes, whether they’re hunger-striking celebrities like Mia Farrow for Darfur: Or a 9-year-old kid in Pittsburgh, who used

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