Outdoor Advertising

Hand from above

Chris O’Shea, an artist with latent fantasies about growing into a giant and teasing, then destroying, the people of Liverpool, England, has a new installation! It’s a live video billboard that teases, then destroys, the people of Liverpool, England. The piece, titled “Hand from above,” is best explained in video, but in any case it’s

Have you ever tried pimple climbing?

  This guy is climbing up a wall. On pimples. A wall of icky pimples. This is the new ambient work for Clearex – Acne treatment gel in Israel. (via Adland)

Street attack by Sony PSP

In an age where clients are demanding that their logos hog about 50% of the ad, Sony demonstrates how a piece of communication can be non-intrusive with its street art. The chalk drawings for Sony’s PSP contain no words, no Sony (gasp!) logo, no tagline, and not even a hint of a URL. Just cute

The best of Billboard by adidas

Adidas placed this massive billboard over a bridge construction site on the road to Munich airport. The billboard features German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn making a superlative save.

10 classic guerilla ads

As consumers get desensitivised to constant bombardment, brands and marketers are taking extreme measures to stand out from the crowd. Here, Businessweek takes a look at 10 notable examples of guerrilla ads poised to become classics of the genre.

Billboards power appliances

This unusual outdoor campaign works towards highlighting utility company Groupe E, and to remind people electricity, though ubiquitous, should never be taken for granted. See more in this series here

Advertising with Google Maps

Advertisers are slowly discovering the potential of Google Maps, and some, like the Target store above (more at Google Sightseeing), are even enjoying some unexpected windfall. Poynter Online talks about realtors tapping into satellite imaging tools. Google Maps Mania is running a log on map hacks, some of them by businesses (via Adverlab). Here’s a

Endangered species: blank spaces

Advertisers seem determined to fill every last one of them. Supermarket eggs have been stamped with the names of CBS television shows. Subway turnstiles bear messages from Geico auto insurance. Chinese food cartons promote Continental Airways. US Airways is selling ads on motion sickness bags. And the trays used in airport security lines have been

Dropped calls?


The blurred outdoors

This Ford Mustang billboard isn’t painted – it was created using a special type of semi-transparent material, that blurs the background to make it look like you are driving really fast.  

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