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How to Keep Your Tweets Short and Sweet

Writing Effective Tweets in 100 Characters How long is the perfect Tweet? You only have 140 characters to play with and if you’re adding a URL, hash tags, @s or a request for a retweet, you don’t have much space left. According to a recent whitepaper by Buddy Media entitled ‘Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review’, less

Why Big Branding Can Work for Small Businesses

When you set up a small business, you won’t have the multimillion pounds needed to create a successful global brand and to begin with, your company branding may just consist of a logo. The difference between branding for big businesses and small businesses is huge though and you can still use some of the tactics

Why Marketing and Branding are Worlds Apart

Settling the Oldest Argument in Advertising Branding and marketing have almost become crossover words in business and you can’t have one without the other to run a successful company. But why are they so important and what’s the difference between them? Branding originated as a way for people to mark goods  which belonged to them. One

How to Win Customers with Your About Us Page

So you’ve started your own business, you’re ready to tell the world about yourself on your website. You sit down and prepare to write your About Us page and it goes a little something like this… “I am based in Sheffield and have worked here since 2002. In 2002 I set the business up as

Content strategy: Optimizing your efforts for success

Content strategy is a beast with many heads, names and trajectories. To approach it is to be sucked in full force. Even so, as crucial as content strategy is, conveying its gravity to a big audience, or to key administrators, is often hard. Being so inherently complex, it’s often easiest to tackle by example. My

16 Best, Online Collaborative Design Apps for Creative Feedback and Client Sign-off

With collaboration services being one of the most in demand in today’s web-specific market, there have emerged a considerable number of online tools that help to ease the process of creative work. The project collaboration app segment isn’t an exception here in any way. Freelance designers need convenient tools for communicating with their clients and getting sign-off

Make it Easy to Accept Payment Online With Stripe

No matter what kind of business you are in, you need a way to accept payment from your clients. Out of all the payment options available, how do you choose the right one? Being able to collect credit card payments is key. While some of your clients will still prefer to pay by check, many

Use YouTube Videos to Turbocharge Your Marketing

Now is the perfect time to make a customized video that plays on your website. Most computer users now have broadband, so using video in your marketing isn’t the issue that it was a year or two ago. YouTube is currently the world’s second most popular search engine and the number one site to watch

Writing content for Social Media

Even if your online marketing efforts aren’t focused on social media you should still write your online content with social media in mind. When people share online content via social media channels this can increase brand awareness and website traffic. As long as your content remains online, more and more people can read and share

Why your business must go social

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