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Red Tomato Pizza : The VIP Fridge Magnet

Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza has  created a VIP button that you stick to your refrigerator. When you press it, your favorite pizza is delivered to you. How does it work? It hooks up via Bluetooth. You receive a confirmation text message right after you press the button. And you can change your order preference online at

So-Me, Mo-Co, Uh-Oh! Social Media’s Hunger for Real Time Reductions

Image: In a world of 140 characters it’s hardly surprising that our appetite for snappy reductions is insatiable. So as SoMe (Social Media) gives way to MoCo (Mobile Community), I couldn’t help but wonder how far it will go and what the past might have looked like if it was boiled down to the

Axe: Send SMS to complete this picture

This Axe ad from Uruguay is the best mobile “send SMS and get something” implementation I’ve seen. Send a text message after dark to a phone number listed on the ad, and you’ll get the missing fragment of the picture. Good teaser, meaningful payback. Very smart.

The Puma Index: Financial Underwear

Puma AG, the German sports clothing company, is promoting Puma Bodywear with The Puma Index, an interactive application designed to lighten the impact of the current economic recession. Launched initially as an app for the iPhone and iTunes, the Puma Index has models taking off and putting on clothes in response to the DOW, DAX

Pomegranate:The mobile phone with GPS, projector, coffee brewer, shaver and harmonica

  Some may call it unrealistic: an ultra-thin, touch-screen cellphone with e-mail, Web browsing, GPS, a camera and a video projector. Throw in a coffee brewer, shaver and harmonica, and you have thePomegranate NS08phone. The far-fetched concept isn’t the brainchild of any cellphone manufacturers, nor a farce from recent mobile entrant Google — a company

Microsoft takes of with giant slide ad

The category of obviously-fake-but-funny-anyway stunt videos has another proud member in this Microsoft clip from Germany, showing a guy catching major air while launching himself down a water slide and off a big ramp. The people pouring the water down the slide at the beginning are a nice touch. In the more specific category of

Mobile advertising: What’s in it for the consumer?

Perhaps the most significant benefit will come through consumer access to richer content and media. Content is expensive to generate and offer to consumers, and advertising provides a means to offer richer content at more reasonable cost.John Styers, general manager of mobile advertising at Sprint, explains that given the increasing costs to generate content, carriers

The biggest players in mobile? Content providers

When it comes to the big players in mobile marketing, forget brands and agencies. “The largest marketers in mobile today are the producers of content,” John Hadl, founder and CEO of Brand in Hand, said at the NATPE Mobile Conference in Las Vegas.“By spend, they’re the largest marketers today, with everything from ringtones to wallpaper


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