The Guardian : Three Little Pigs

  Earlier this month,  The Guardian unveiled a TV spot that explores how a modern paper might cover “Three Little Pigs.”  It re-imagines the classic fairytale as a much grittier drama, where the pigs are either the victims or conniving fraudsters – or both.  Brilliant. ( via Creativity )

The state of broadcast television

Ad agencies have run out of ideas say consumers

  Advertising agencies are turning to consumers for new ad ideas because they have run out of their own and believe that consumer-produced ads are more effective, according to members of the public interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video. I agree. What do you think?

Pink Lemonade

We’ve all heard the truism, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” With the plethora of pink slips circulating in the media and advertising industries (BLS estimates place losses over 65,000), you would think some creative type would have parlayed theirs into pink lemonade. Erik Proulx did. When the 37 year-old copywriter was laid off

The Experience Revolution: How Augmented Reality is about to change how you live, advertise and brand

A day doesn’t pass without a new augmented reality application for the iPhone 3GS making its tour of Twitter and the web. A recent example is the great London Tube app below. It’s utility can’t be denied. You simply hold up your phone wherever you are and the location, direction and distance to the nearest

Generate Exponential Revenue by Investing in the Booming Halal Market

By Irina Skaya Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth with the Muslim population estimated to reach two billion by 2010. The global Halal food market is estimated to be worth $632 billion a year.. A new study by JWT points out that the six million or so Muslims in America are, on

Clueless geeks

The Web (where else?) has broken out into a rash of ranting geeks parading themselves as frustrated, misunderstood creative souls. Jonathan Trenn’s blog took to me Todd Copilevitz’s Celebrating cluelessness. Todd says, “But what is missing from every one of these examples? An understanding that working in consumer controlled media requires a fundamentally different approach.

Site of the day: Open Media Directory

The Open Media Directory is a clearinghouse of dozens of different sites where you can find legal, podsafe music, audio and video clips.For anyone who wants to add a music soundtrack to their online video or add music to a podcast, the Open Media Directory is a treasure.

Media snacking

Today, media snacking is a way of life. In the morning, we check news and tap out emails on our laptops. At work, we graze all day on videos and blogs. Back home, the giant HDTV is for 10-course feasting – say, an entire season of 24. In between are the morsels that fill those

Umbrellas as censorship weapons

Chinese police formed a ring around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, blocking any attempts to mark the 20th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy activists.The BBC’s James Reynolds tried to enter Tiananmen Square, but was turned away. Men wielding umbrellas attempted to obstruct filming in the area.(via BBC)The brave and legendary Tank Man on 5 June,


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