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Former FBI sketch artist exposes the ugly truth behind Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” ~John Keats, Ode to Grecian Urn Reductress is a magazine that tells the stories of real women, written by real women, for other real women who like to read about women. Now Ms Megan Meadows of Reductress tells us

The myth of fair value: Noboby went for the cheapest option

We don’t like feeling cheap, and we don’t like feeling duped. Since we’re not sure what things are worth, we shy away from prices that appear too high or too low. Stores can employ our bias for moderation against us. Here’s a great story: People were offered two  kinds of beer: premium beer for $2.50 and

Visa: #goinsix social media campaign

Twitter taught us we can communicate in 140 characters, Vine taught us that we can communicate in six seconds, the average number of words used in Facebook comments is eight and the length of consumer  interaction with a brand online continues to decrease. Building off the insight that, in today’s landscape of content surplus —

Why Big Branding Can Work for Small Businesses

When you set up a small business, you won’t have the multimillion pounds needed to create a successful global brand and to begin with, your company branding may just consist of a logo. The difference between branding for big businesses and small businesses is huge though and you can still use some of the tactics

Why Marketing and Branding are Worlds Apart

Settling the Oldest Argument in Advertising Branding and marketing have almost become crossover words in business and you can’t have one without the other to run a successful company. But why are they so important and what’s the difference between them? Branding originated as a way for people to mark goods  which belonged to them. One

Latinosphere: Marketing With Latinos in the Age of Digital

Last week, my co-columnist Giovanni Rodriguez and I conducted a webinar to launch our new book “Latinosphere: Marketing With Latinos in the Age of Digital.” Thanks to ClickZ’s organization, we had many participants and a great conversation. More about that later. Both Giovanni and I have been writing for this column for almost two years.

The Pay-What-You-Can Sale: Good Marketing or Bad Business

Pay-what-you-can sales have been popping up on the websites of freelancers and consultants I follow lately, almost as if there is a trend pushing this sort of promotion. The sales follow a fairly set format: there’s a specific product, rather than an open-ended service. Depending on the freelancer in question, the product might be an

Flo Suddenly a Problem for Progressive in Its Social-Media Crisis

Charming ad character now insipid By Tim Nudd Progressive Insurance is surely longing for the days when the Internet’s most pressing question about its spokeswoman Flo waswhether she is hot or not. Matt Fisher’s devastating Tumblr post about the death of his sister, a Progressive customer, in a car accident—and his claim,though the company denies it (UPDATE: which Fisher insists, once

10 Ads That Killed Dubstep

How marketing co-opted yet another musical genre that used to be cool By David Griner Kmart: Back to School (2012) Track: “Phunkshock” by Matroda Is this the death knell of dubstep? This is actually one of the better dubstep tracks used in ads. But it’s hard to believe there can still be anything hip or underground about

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