Southwest Airlines conducts its 2009 shareholder meeting in rap

Rapping flight attendant, David Holmes, from Southwest Airlines, explains generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in a “GAAP RAP” at the company’s 2009 shareholder’s meeting. Who says finance is boring? 

Twitter in real life

A witty take on microblogging service, Twitter.

Bent objects by Terry Border

Wacky artist Terry Border specializes in bringing food and ordinary objects alive – all with a deliciously dark sense of humor. You can see more of Terry’s Bent Objects at his website, and you can order the book here.   

Mallu guy speaking to a call center girl


Marge Simpson’s Playboy pictorial revealed at last

The November issue of Playboy has hit the stands. The cover features a very famous mother of three, who just happens to have a towering blue beehive and bright yellow skin. It’s none other than Marge Simpson of The Simpsons – the gal knows how to walk on the wild side. Her much anticipated pictorial

Ramayana: Core value proposition

One of the greatest epics of the world, Ramayana, rewritten for the reading pleasure of management gurus and MBAsRamayana – Core Value Proposition View more presentations from krishashok.  

Where is the bitching?

What is advertising?Is it salesmanship in print? Brand building? Communication? A function of marketing? Art? Science?While the gurus have been debating for years, those of us in the trenches know what advertising is all about.It’s about bitching. And moaning. And whining. And jealousy. And big egos.But the art of bitching is dying, my friends.Trade journals

Son of Godawful Poetry Fortnight – 19th – 31st August, 2009

Caferati launched the first Godawful Poetry Fortnight last year. (You can read all our contributions here, and this was a brief article in the TOI about the Fortnight.)Cut to the chase: it’s that time of the year again!The essentials:• Godawful Poetry Fortnight runs from the 19th to the 31st August.• Patron Saint is William Wordsworth.

Billy Collins’ animated poetry

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If Paris Hilton could read, she’d buy one

What is the creative route you would take to advertise a brand of fashion accessories crafted from recycled newspapers? Save the environment, right? No. To promote a line of Couture Planet handbags and accessories made from recycled newspapers, a group of creatives, Keith Lane, Deborah Hines and Frank Rapp put together a witty series of

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