GlobalWebindex Study for 2013: 9 social media facts and figures

Social networks are embedded in our lives. To put that in some perspective it is worthwhile from time to time to see what the social media landscape looks like and review the latest social media facts, figures and statistics. The latest GlobalWebindex Study for 2013 shows that social networks are not all about English speaking media. Large

The 6 Top Mobile SEO Must-Knows

It’s no secret: brands and businesses that have mobile websites and apps are a step or two (or more) ahead of the game. Why? Because 31 percent of Americans own a smartphone and one in three would rather give up TV than be deprived of their smartphones, according to But it goes beyond just having a

Volunteering and activism on YouTube

Activism today isn’t limited to picket lines and marches on the mall — people have taken their movements to the web, and YouTube has become an important platform for exposure. Every day, people use YouTube to fight for causes, whether they’re hunger-striking celebrities like Mia Farrow for Darfur: Or a 9-year-old kid in Pittsburgh, who used

SEO poetry

I am sick and tired of reading/hearing about SEO, SEO tips and how to write for a damn’ search engine. They act as if content and quality does not matter.So here is a proposition. I will post the top 10 keywords.Anyone can then take those 10 keywords and craft a silly poem or a very

The coolest free keyword research tool

How the Free Keyword Research Tool works:Is driven off the Overture keyword suggestion tool.Offers suggested monthly regional search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.Links the search volumes to the related global search results.Provides links to price estimate tools from Overture and Google AdWords. That GoogleAdWords tool shows the necessary bid to rank #1

10 most valuable free Google marketing tools

Google has become the dominant search engine on the Internet. It would be hard to imagine a web without Google. For that matter, it would now be hard to imagine a world without Google. As frightening as that may seem to many people, it is none the less true.For better or worst, Google has permeated

Advertising with Google Maps

Advertisers are slowly discovering the potential of Google Maps, and some, like the Target store above (more at Google Sightseeing), are even enjoying some unexpected windfall. Poynter Online talks about realtors tapping into satellite imaging tools. Google Maps Mania is running a log on map hacks, some of them by businesses (via Adverlab). Here’s a

Google Adwords dynamic keyword insertion tips

Dynamic keyword insertion, also known as DKI, allows advertisers to specify if they would like the search query to be shown in their ad text for keywords that match their ads. For example, if I want an ad to be displayed for a search on “search engine optimization” but a person types in SEO, the

10 tricks to using Google you probably don’t know

10. Get Local Time: Type in What time is it followed by any city to get the current time.9. Track Flight Status: Enter the airline and flight number to find out the departure time and estimated arrival for any flight.8. Convert Currency, Metrics, Bytes and More: Google has a built-in converter calculator. You can enter

Giant KFC billboard on Google Earth

That giant face of Col. Sanders that KFC laid out in a desert a year ago can now be seen in Google Mapsand Google Earth, which kind of answers the question about how often the satellite images are updated. The annotations people attach to locations in Google Earth are lovely, too. See the videoabout how

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