Get Paid: What to Do When The Check is Late

Credit: meddygarnet on Flickr You work hard on your assignment, turn it in, and do the required (ugh) revisions. You happily send in your invoice — and wait…and wait…and wait. Your check is late! You have a mortgage to pay and you were relying on that check. Now what? Late checks are a fact of

On purpose: Why some brands have already failed in 2010

Credit: Mark Stivers Cartoons I’ve written often about the need for a brand to define who it is and what its core values are. I wanted to take that further by saying that it is equally critical to define the goals of a brand in terms of purpose for the year. Without doing so a

Nike Just Does It Again: New local-social ‘True City’ App

Nike released a new iPhone app last week that demonstrates why they continue to be a marketing leader. Called True City, it provides unique insight into six European cities by detailing information that only people who live in that city would know. Basically, an insider’s guidebook. What’s unique about the app is that it combines

Consumers say, “Catch us if you can”. Coke and Pepsi give chase.

I really appreciated the fantastic feedback on this week’s post about The Death of Corporate Websites. Lo and behold, last night I spy a quote (thanks, Frank Reed) from Anne Carelli, Digital Marketing Manager for Coke saying: “Several years ago, Coke realized that is not their home page – it is, and

Celebrity to go: Personal-ilty apps that take us all to market

  Image credit: Brian Solis on iTunes Just before the holiday break, Brian Solis, the highly respected PR strategist moved the blogosphere one step forward yet again. By launching his own app, he not only gave himself a powerful tool through which to interact with his community, but he also kicked off a trend that

Top ten digital trends for 2010

It feels SO good to be in 2010. 2009 was full of upheaval for many reasons, not the least of which was changes in digital marketing. So let’s kick start the New Year will a look at some powerful trends that will shape the coming year. 1. WHERE YOU ARE IS WHO YOU AREIn the

A glance back at the future of social media

This has been a transitional year, partly spent recovering from the trauma of the Great Recession and partly spent adjusting to shifts in power in the marketing industry. Everyone from brands and advertising agencies to their employees have been reeling from one change after another. One of the many unsettling aspects was the rise of

How advertising handles the chaos of social media

Dan declares the pie contest winner! Pic: W+K Blog Last week I experienced a strange collision of circumstances. I was up at the University of Oregon working with students who are specializing in advertising, media and journalism. At the same time I got the chance to visit my old agency, Wieden + Kennedy in Portland,

How to blog your way to community

Here’s the full video from the WireDrive-sponsored, Blog Out Loud, “Belong: Building a Blog Community” event. It features a series of industry panelists discussing the practice, merits and value of blogging and using social media. Here are some things we discussed: Why blogging and social media channels are essential for your business How to set up a

Top Ten Things a Brand Must Be to Go Social

So often we hear that a brand wants to go social – that is, to be organically shareable, a hub for substantive conversations around mutual concerns and values, a place where customers return as a focal point in their lives. Yet in my experience that often isn’t possible because a brand hasn’t done the basics,

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