Consumers say, “Catch us if you can”. Coke and Pepsi give chase.

I really appreciated the fantastic feedback on this week’s post about The Death of Corporate Websites. Lo and behold, last night I spy a quote (thanks, Frank Reed) from Anne Carelli, Digital Marketing Manager for Coke saying: “Several years ago, Coke realized that Coke.com is not their home page – it is Google.com, digg.com and

The death of corporate websites: Top 10 ways they will change

Cartoon Credit: Dave Coverly @ Creators.com In the not too distant future static corporate websites will be replaced by their social equivalents. This will happen because more and more consumers are engaged in daily conversations, often involving brands, across multiple applications, platforms and networks, wholly independent of these sites. As these conversations become increasingly independent

Celebrity to go: Personal-ilty apps that take us all to market

  Image credit: Brian Solis on iTunes Just before the holiday break, Brian Solis, the highly respected PR strategist moved the blogosphere one step forward yet again. By launching his own app, he not only gave himself a powerful tool through which to interact with his community, but he also kicked off a trend that

Top ten digital trends for 2010

It feels SO good to be in 2010. 2009 was full of upheaval for many reasons, not the least of which was changes in digital marketing. So let’s kick start the New Year will a look at some powerful trends that will shape the coming year. 1. WHERE YOU ARE IS WHO YOU AREIn the

A glance back at the future of social media

This has been a transitional year, partly spent recovering from the trauma of the Great Recession and partly spent adjusting to shifts in power in the marketing industry. Everyone from brands and advertising agencies to their employees have been reeling from one change after another. One of the many unsettling aspects was the rise of

‘I Partipicate’: When serving ourselves is anything but selfish

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the privilege of working as Creative Director on the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s ‘I Participate’ campaign. Mayor Bloomberg launched it yesterday in Times Square and the first ad featuring the First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden aired on Good Morning America this morning. It was truly a team

Seeing through other’s eyes: Social media and compassion

There’s no doubt social media makes the world smaller – friends and family across the country and around the globe are only a click away. There’s also no doubt that as frontrunners like twitter and facebook monetize their business plans, social media will prove to be a goldmine for those left standing. What is often

Angry twitter, clever friendfeed: A lesson in creating desire

The acquisition of friendfeed by facebook was more than the latest battle in the war for social networking supremacy. It was a timeless lesson in creating desire. The strategic positioning of friendfeed made their brand more than desirable. It was irresistable. Here’s a few reasons why and how they did it: KNOW WHO YOUR BOSS

How is America going to end? The top 144 scenarios

1. Electromagnetic Pulse: A nuclear weapon detonated at high elevation could knock out the country’s electrical infrastructure, sending us back to the Stone Age. The congressional EMP Commission says an electromagnetic pulse “is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences.” 2. Foreign Invasion: The Red

The Experience Revolution: How Augmented Reality is about to change how you live, advertise and brand

A day doesn’t pass without a new augmented reality application for the iPhone 3GS making its tour of Twitter and the web. A recent example is the great London Tube app below. It’s utility can’t be denied. You simply hold up your phone wherever you are and the location, direction and distance to the nearest

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