“You keep this up, you’re gonna be a copywriter.”

I found this video to promote the Dallas ADDYs quite funny.

Print Ads : 30 Creative & Funny Advertising Ideas That Make You Think & Smile

Print Ads : 30 Creative Advertising Ideas – Effective print ads provide a clear message – a reason why potential customers should buy certain goods or use certain services. Having an eye-catching, concise and punchy headline is one of the best ways to get this message across in a print ad, but in all forms of

Southwest Airlines conducts its 2009 shareholder meeting in rap

Rapping flight attendant, David Holmes, from Southwest Airlines, explains generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in a “GAAP RAP” at the company’s 2009 shareholder’s meeting. Who says finance is boring? 

Twitter in real life

A witty take on microblogging service, Twitter.

Bent objects by Terry Border

Wacky artist Terry Border specializes in bringing food and ordinary objects alive – all with a deliciously dark sense of humor. You can see more of Terry’s Bent Objects at his website, and you can order the book here.   

Mallu guy speaking to a call center girl


Marge Simpson’s Playboy pictorial revealed at last

The November issue of Playboy has hit the stands. The cover features a very famous mother of three, who just happens to have a towering blue beehive and bright yellow skin. It’s none other than Marge Simpson of The Simpsons – the gal knows how to walk on the wild side. Her much anticipated pictorial

Air New Zealand’s nude flight safety video

Recently, Air New Zealand released a new flight safety video for their Boeing 737’s called “The Bare Essentials of Safety, that features some of their employees giving demonstrations in the nude. However, their bodies are covered in paint that look like air crew uniforms. As if their Kiwi accents weren’t enough to make us love

Captain Morgan: Professional Liar

How friends can help you wriggle out of a tight situation.  

My Cubicle

Sweet Joan just sent me, “My Cubicle” , a wickedly funny parody of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”.“My Cubicle” By Morning Sidekick My job is stupid my day’s a bore,Inside this office from eight to fourNothin’ ever happens my life is pretty bland,Pretending that I’m working, pray I don’t get canned.My Cubicle, My cubicleIt’s One of


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