Finger Battle : The simplest game in the universe

Finger Battle is a simple and fun 2 player touch game. Each player chooses one side. Then tap as fast as you can, the fastest tapper wins. Finger Battle was created by Rafael Rozendaal in collaboration with Dirk van Oosterbosch.

Hand from above

Chris O’Shea, an artist with latent fantasies about growing into a giant and teasing, then destroying, the people of Liverpool, England, has a new installation! It’s a live video billboard that teases, then destroys, the people of Liverpool, England. The piece, titled “Hand from above,” is best explained in video, but in any case it’s

Where is the bitching?

What is advertising?Is it salesmanship in print? Brand building? Communication? A function of marketing? Art? Science?While the gurus have been debating for years, those of us in the trenches know what advertising is all about.It’s about bitching. And moaning. And whining. And jealousy. And big egos.But the art of bitching is dying, my friends.Trade journals

Son of Godawful Poetry Fortnight – 19th – 31st August, 2009

Caferati launched the first Godawful Poetry Fortnight last year. (You can read all our contributions here, and this was a brief article in the TOI about the Fortnight.)Cut to the chase: it’s that time of the year again!The essentials:• Godawful Poetry Fortnight runs from the 19th to the 31st August.• Patron Saint is William Wordsworth.

The cutest argument

See how young Jojo ( about 10 months’ old I guess) negotiates with his mother for the TV remote. An absolute delight.  

McVities: But

A viral video by McVities depicting all the cliches about England. I would say it’s “funny” but since it is about England, the viral video is “witty, very very witty.”  

Funny Matrimonial ads

These are actual ads on an Indian matrimony site. Grammar and spelling errors have no place in a profile description as everything is straight from the heart! Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you forget your basic grammar after reading this post. It’s a bit long but hilarious.# – Hello To Viewvers My Name

World famous people: How many can you find?

  (Click image for a bigger view)A very interesting image which contains world famous people in one single portrait. How many of them can you recognize?  

When you are really rich



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