How To Tell If You Are a Consultant (Or Want To Be One)

Thinking about the freelance life?There are many ways to earn your bread as a freelancer. Fields like copywriting or website design may quickly bring clear pictures to mind. But you may have a hard time visualizing yourself as a  “freelance consultant.” Preconceptions about what it takes to be called a “consultant” often get in the way. You could miss

How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer

For years now, I’ve done freelance writing for newspapers and magazines as a way to make side income, supplementing my full-time job. But this year, I’ve made the conscious move to freelancing for blogs instead of print publications, to the point where I now make about $2,000 a month as a blog writer (not including

Get Paid: What to Do When The Check is Late

Credit: meddygarnet on Flickr You work hard on your assignment, turn it in, and do the required (ugh) revisions. You happily send in your invoice — and wait…and wait…and wait. Your check is late! You have a mortgage to pay and you were relying on that check. Now what? Late checks are a fact of

How To Tell When Your Rates Are Too Low

credit: stuartpilbrow on Flickr A few months ago, I needed a designer to team up with on a project. I decided to work with a friend of a friend who had just graduated from art school and was desperately looking for work. She emailed me her rate and I about lost my mind. She wanted

Web Typography, Web Apps and HTML 5

Expressive Web Typography: Useful Examples and Techniques Wherever we turn online, typography jumps out at us — sometimes literally, with the assistance of some clever coding. And now more than ever, we are seeing greater focus on this design element and its varied implementations around the Web. With the growing popularity of font embedding services

What’s the Next Step in a Freelancing Career?

If you’re working for an employer, your career patch can be pretty clear: work hard and move up the corporate ladder, hopefully winding up somewhere near the top. But when you’re freelancing, your career path can be a lot less clear. We all want to land more clients and earn more per hour, but where


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