Sita Sings The Blues

“In June 2002 I moved to Trivandrum, India, following my (American) husband who had taken a job there. Upon my arrival I was confronted with his mid-life crisis, a complete emotional withdrawal. This left me without support in a city in which women were 2nd-class citizens, unable to walk alone at night, and not expected

Inglourious Basterds: The lost art of the film

Some of the people behind Inglourious Basterds teamed up with Upper Playground to create a number of commissioned pieces based on the film. The resulting batch of artwork included images by Alex Pardee, Sam Flores, David Choe, and about 10 others, and none of them ever saw the light of day. Now, they will be

Short papercraft film on the beauty of the book

  “Going West” is a beautiful short film illustrating the worlds in a book, incorporating papercraft to make something dreamlike and wonderful. It was animated by Andersen M Studio.

101 Greatest Screenplays

Too often classic films are linked only to their stars or directors, overlooking the original artists who first put pen to paper – or more recently keyboard to laptop – to create the kind of enduring works that have entertained and inspired generations of movie-going audiences around globe. 101 Greatest Screenplays by The Writer’s Guild

10 tips for film marketers

1. The fundamentals of marketing have not changed. There are some great principles that come from traditional advertising, but people seem inclined to throw them out just because it’s digital. We can learn a lot from traditional advertising to help develop marketing thinking in this new landscape. 2. Do not go into the planning process


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