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Why Should You Publish a Regular Email Newsletter?

Why bother with a regular newsletter? Because it’s a fabulous way to build relationships with the people who are – or could become – your clients. Now, you’re probably thinking that, in these days of text messaging and connecting via social networking sites, email has become stodgy and boring. And that no one uses it

Were Barack Obama and the White House spamming Americans?

You may have heard the brew-ha-ha about the Obama administration sending an email marketing campaign out to millions of recipients last week regarding the health care reform. During a press conference Fox News reporter Major Garret asked why the White House is sending unsolicited email to people who have not opted-in to receive email from

How to write an email subject line

Online copywriting guru Nick Usborne chats with iMedia Connection’s Exec Editor Brad Berens about the dos and don’ts for writing effective email marketing subject lines.According to Mr Usborne, many companies pay very little attention to the subject lines in their emails and newsletters. Evidence of this lack of attention can be found in the very

Study reveals startling attitude about spam

A just-released study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that although the volume of spam is growing in Americans’ personal and workplace email accounts, email users are less bothered by it than they were before.Less exposure to pornographic spam — cited as the most offensive type of unsolicited email — and an

Obama’s lesson in email marketing

There is nothing more important than capturing an email address on your home page. You spend a ton of effort and cash getting people to visit your web site. You hope they buy something. Most people don’t. If you let them leave without some way to contact them again — you need to spend all

Don’t let your bacn turn into spam

According to Stefan Eyram, who blogs at One Degree, “bacn” — a deliberately misspelled appropriation of the word “bacon” — is a newly coined term used to describe the permission-based marketing you receive by email. It’s not spam, exactly, because you agreed to it, perhaps when signing up for a store’s newsletter or joining an

Top 10 email subject lines: news, party, free

  Marketers hoping to break through mailbox clutter and reach potential consumers with promotional emails most often use the words “news,” “party” and “free,” in their subject lines to entice readers to open their messages, according to a report from MailerMailer. An analysis in MailerMailer’s ninth bi-annual Email Marketing Metrics Report, revealed the top 10


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