When good design killed 20,000 soldiers

The Battle of Carrhae in 53 BC In the year 53 BC, Marcus Licinius Crassus  invaded Parthia with a 40,000 man army, and the goal of expanding the Roman Empire. It was a disaster. This was mainly due to the design of the Parthian bow, a weapon made with a laminated spring, with a range and power that

A study in charcoal art

The dramatic, rich markings left by charcoal appear in the earliest primitive cave painting of early humans, which are believed to have been drawn with the charcoal created from burnt sticks. Artists continue to employ this medium because of its versatile ability to capture both gestures and emotions with an intuitive mixture of the soft

16 Best, Online Collaborative Design Apps for Creative Feedback and Client Sign-off

With collaboration services being one of the most in demand in today’s web-specific market, there have emerged a considerable number of online tools that help to ease the process of creative work. The project collaboration app segment isn’t an exception here in any way. Freelance designers need convenient tools for communicating with their clients and getting sign-off

Accelerated Design: Streamline Your Workflow

Credit: Gamma-Ray Productions/Flickr Two weeks ago, in Part One of this article were tips on how to assess a rush job and when it might be a good idea to turn one down. Some of this season’s Layer Tennis contestants also shared thoughts about how they work under the strain of a tight deadline. In this

GUEST INTERVIEW: Lawrence Azerrad, LAD Design

Here are few examples of Lawrence’s design work and you can always reach him here. Wilco Cover Art Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication REM, Hollywood Bowl


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