Sita Sings The Blues

“In June 2002 I moved to Trivandrum, India, following my (American) husband who had taken a job there. Upon my arrival I was confronted with his mid-life crisis, a complete emotional withdrawal. This left me without support in a city in which women were 2nd-class citizens, unable to walk alone at night, and not expected

15 things you should know about the breasts

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How to dress an elephant

Maharaja: The Splendour of the India’s Royal Courts’opens this autumn at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition features a life-size model of an elephant in procession.To find out how to dress an elephant for a royal procession, V&A staff observed Ramu, a freelance elephant, being adorned with textiles, howdah and elephant jewelery belonging to

Acappella jazz rendition of Toto’s Africa

This fun video features a 1980s pop classic. The rock band Toto scored their biggest hit with the song “Africa” in 1982. The song is instantly recognizable. But it has been reinvented.Perpetuum Jazzile is an a cappella jazz choir from Slovenia. It’s hard to think of something further from an ‘80s rock band. But their

How is America going to end? The top 144 scenarios

1. Electromagnetic Pulse: A nuclear weapon detonated at high elevation could knock out the country’s electrical infrastructure, sending us back to the Stone Age. The congressional EMP Commission says an electromagnetic pulse “is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences.” 2. Foreign Invasion: The Red

Is YouTube the new creative goldmine?

Kozyndan’s Colored Rabbits:


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