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How to Give a Killer Concept Presentation

In the course of your freelance business you may be asked to do a concept presentation for your more complex projects. A concept presentation is a pre-development or planning phase where you show your client a prototype or draft of what you’re going to deliver. If you’re a freelance web designer, a design concept presentation is often

Hated the London 2012 Logo? You Might Like Rio 2016 Better

Brazil’s Tatíl Design tells story of its creation By Tim Nudd  The London 2012 Olympic logo was all about dissonance, and intentionally so—and was met with a pretty dissonant reaction, too. As we look ahead to Rio 2016, we have a logo that couldn’t be more opposite of London’s—one that’s pure flowing joy. In the video below, Brazil’s Tatíl

McCann Says Farewell to the London Olympics

McCann Worldgroup, the American ad agency that shockingly won the ad account of the 2012 London Olympics in 2009, notoriously defeating Britain’s WPP Group, led by Sir Martin Sorell, bids a fond (and fun) farewell to the Games with this full-page ad in today’sTimes and Daily Telegraph. McCann handled advertising, promotion, PR and digital communications in what is believed

The NEW Pizza Hut iPhone App

The Pizza Hut app for iPhone makes ordering pizza, pasta and wings easy, fast and fun. Go ahead. Play with your food.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Zingolo feat

Zingolo is the fourth Cadbury spot from Fallon London under the Glass and a Half Full Productions banner. It trumpets Cadbury’s long history of using cocoa beans from Ghana and its recent fair trade certification. The spot is a promo for the track Zingolo and features Ghanaian musical artist Tinny, as well as the Ghana-based

Balancing Your Creative Mindset with Business Realities

As freelancers in creative fields we’re faced with a unique situation. That is, the combination of art (or creativity) and business. We need to use our left and right brains to the maximum, each with the same amount of effort and dedication every day. There’s not a lot of average jobs in the world that

7 Habits of Highly Creative Minds

Creativity is the result of how you think. Practicing the habits of creative thinking allows you to break the barrier of what’s achievable. Better freelancing skills, better clients, and the ability to get through tough situations are just a few of the things creative thinking brings. According to a global study by Adobe, “only 1 in

Finger Battle : The simplest game in the universe

Finger Battle is a simple and fun 2 player touch game. Each player chooses one side. Then tap as fast as you can, the fastest tapper wins. Finger Battle was created by Rafael Rozendaal in collaboration with Dirk van Oosterbosch.

Print Ads : 30 Creative & Funny Advertising Ideas That Make You Think & Smile

Print Ads : 30 Creative Advertising Ideas – Effective print ads provide a clear message – a reason why potential customers should buy certain goods or use certain services. Having an eye-catching, concise and punchy headline is one of the best ways to get this message across in a print ad, but in all forms of

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