Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 rules for great writing

“Today the printed word is more vital than ever.  Now there is more need than ever for all of us to read better, write better and communicate better.” Truer words were ever written, right? So who wrote these?  International Paper, whose corporate tag line at the time was:  “We believe in the power of the

How to Win Customers with Your About Us Page

So you’ve started your own business, you’re ready to tell the world about yourself on your website. You sit down and prepare to write your About Us page and it goes a little something like this… “I am based in Sheffield and have worked here since 2002. In 2002 I set the business up as

Three unexpected superpowers copywriters need

Most people would agree that copywriters need a love of words, an ability to write, creativity and a flair for spotting a story, but these skills are a given really as copywriters wouldn’t get far without them. What sorts the good copywriters from the great copywriters are the following rather unexpected qualities. 1. The patience of

Content strategy: Optimizing your efforts for success

Content strategy is a beast with many heads, names and trajectories. To approach it is to be sucked in full force. Even so, as crucial as content strategy is, conveying its gravity to a big audience, or to key administrators, is often hard. Being so inherently complex, it’s often easiest to tackle by example. My

McCann Says Farewell to the London Olympics

McCann Worldgroup, the American ad agency that shockingly won the ad account of the 2012 London Olympics in 2009, notoriously defeating Britain’s WPP Group, led by Sir Martin Sorell, bids a fond (and fun) farewell to the Games with this full-page ad in today’sTimes and Daily Telegraph. McCann handled advertising, promotion, PR and digital communications in what is believed

Writing to Potential Clients: Be the Chameleon

We’ve all faced the challenge of exchanging messages with people we’ve never met in person: Face to face working in an office, the 50 year old businessmen expected a certain degree of presentation. When I went freelance, talking to people online was completely different. I was not sure how to correspond. Emails and social messages,

Content Marketing – What’s Your Plan of Attack

This fantastic infographic is from the geniuses at Quaturo and takes content marketing to a whole new level… of warfare!

How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer

For years now, I’ve done freelance writing for newspapers and magazines as a way to make side income, supplementing my full-time job. But this year, I’ve made the conscious move to freelancing for blogs instead of print publications, to the point where I now make about $2,000 a month as a blog writer (not including

Can great copywriting really increase sales?

Yes. Great copywriting is one of the easiest ways to dramatically increase sales so don’t miss an opportunity to give your business a boost and follow these top tips. 1. Know your product or service If you’re copywriting for your own business then writing about your product or service is easier as you’ll have an

I am a lousy copywriter

British-born David Ogilvy was one of the original, and greatest, “ad men.” In 1948, he started what would eventually be known as Ogilvy & Mather, the Manhattan-based advertising agency that has since been responsible for some of the world’s most iconic ad campaigns. The fascinating letter below, written by David Ogilvy in 1955 to a

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