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How to Give a Killer Concept Presentation

In the course of your freelance business you may be asked to do a concept presentation for your more complex projects. A concept presentation is a pre-development or planning phase where you show your client a prototype or draft of what you’re going to deliver. If you’re a freelance web designer, a design concept presentation is often

Writing to Potential Clients: Be the Chameleon

We’ve all faced the challenge of exchanging messages with people we’ve never met in person: Face to face working in an office, the 50 year old businessmen expected a certain degree of presentation. When I went freelance, talking to people online was completely different. I was not sure how to correspond. Emails and social messages,

How to Get Repeat Business from Clients Through Feedback

Here’s a basic difference between products and services. The level of satisfaction of a product often has a direct correlation to sales: you offer a good product that’s well-liked, and most likely sales will go up; for bad products, sales dip. That relationship is less transparent with services like the kind usually offered by freelancers.

Take Charge of Unsolicited Client Prospects

It sometimes happens: You get an unsolicited inquiry by e-mail, phone, or in person out of the blue, a prospect at your doorstep who was neither recommended by others or pursued by you—a surprise prospect. So, how do you protect yourself and make sure you don’t waste your time on unsuitable clients? You know what I

Get Paid: What to Do When The Check is Late

Credit: meddygarnet on Flickr You work hard on your assignment, turn it in, and do the required (ugh) revisions. You happily send in your invoice — and wait…and wait…and wait. Your check is late! You have a mortgage to pay and you were relying on that check. Now what? Late checks are a fact of

How To Tell When Your Rates Are Too Low

credit: stuartpilbrow on Flickr A few months ago, I needed a designer to team up with on a project. I decided to work with a friend of a friend who had just graduated from art school and was desperately looking for work. She emailed me her rate and I about lost my mind. She wanted

Another day at a client meeting


Delta Stories: 1930s Customer Service

To celebrate 80 years of service on June 17th, I like to share with you stories from the people who launched Delta and  from their families about those early days.   First is Barbara Woolman Preston, daughter of C. E. Woolman, Delta’ s principal founder and first CEO, describing her father bringing stranded passengers home with him in Monroe, Louisiana.  She


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