If Paris Hilton could read, she’d buy one

What is the creative route you would take to advertise a brand of fashion accessories crafted from recycled newspapers? Save the environment, right? No. To promote a line of Couture Planet handbags and accessories made from recycled newspapers, a group of creatives, Keith Lane, Deborah Hines and Frank Rapp put together a witty series of

Smart dressing rooms offer fashion advice

  Dressing rooms are probably the most important part of a store because that’s where most decisions are made, and yet most rooms do nothing to encourage a purchase — they are dark, small and uncomfortable.Now check this out. Hong Kong researchers developed a smart fitting room (full name: “An intelligent Simulator for Cross-selling &

Bjorn Borg: Gay Marriage

While a marriage between two male priests performed by a female priest may not yet be commonplace, Swedish fashion designer Bjorn Borg asks us to imagine such a world.  


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