McCann Says Farewell to the London Olympics

McCann Worldgroup, the American ad agency that shockingly won the ad account of the 2012 London Olympics in 2009, notoriously defeating Britain’s WPP Group, led by Sir Martin Sorell, bids a fond (and fun) farewell to the Games with this full-page ad in today’sTimes and Daily Telegraph. McCann handled advertising, promotion, PR and digital communications in what is believed

I am a lousy copywriter

British-born David Ogilvy was one of the original, and greatest, “ad men.” In 1948, he started what would eventually be known as Ogilvy & Mather, the Manhattan-based advertising agency that has since been responsible for some of the world’s most iconic ad campaigns. The fascinating letter below, written by David Ogilvy in 1955 to a

The Rolling Stones creative brief to Andy Warhol

Now if only more clients briefed ad agencies in this manner.  

Leo Burnett: When to take my name off the door

Leo Burnett Inc. is one of the most renowned agencies in the world. They earned their reputation serving one key philosophy: that nothing could replace the marketing firm’s charge of “being the spirit of the client’s brand.” Coupled with a firm understanding of what it took for each client to get and keep their customers,

Ad agencies have run out of ideas say consumers

  Advertising agencies are turning to consumers for new ad ideas because they have run out of their own and believe that consumer-produced ads are more effective, according to members of the public interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video. I agree. What do you think?

Pink Lemonade

We’ve all heard the truism, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” With the plethora of pink slips circulating in the media and advertising industries (BLS estimates place losses over 65,000), you would think some creative type would have parlayed theirs into pink lemonade. Erik Proulx did. When the 37 year-old copywriter was laid off

Is YouTube the new creative goldmine?

Kozyndan’s Colored Rabbits:

Clueless geeks

The Web (where else?) has broken out into a rash of ranting geeks parading themselves as frustrated, misunderstood creative souls. Jonathan Trenn’s blog took to me Todd Copilevitz’s Celebrating cluelessness. Todd says, “But what is missing from every one of these examples? An understanding that working in consumer controlled media requires a fundamentally different approach.

Magic and Logic

  Magic and Logic is the title of a new ‘white paper’ containing a valuable analysis of how the relationship between Marketing, Procurement and Advertising Agencies can work better to produce a win-win for all parties.An inititiave by the three leading associations in the UK for procurement, agencies and marketing, CIPS, the IPA and ISBA,

The anti-advertising agency

The advertising messages keep bombarding us. Over 3,000 a day. The mind short circuits with the information overload. Enter the anti-advertising agency. At the anti-advertising agency, the consumer is the client. She or he is sick and tired of the marketing noise. She or he wants out. Silence. She or he briefs the agency. Get

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